Social Network

The Concept

This facebook application allows users to submit an image of their face from their hard disk, directly from their webcam, or from one of their Facebook albums. Once uploaded they are able to ‘customise' the image using some basic Flash based drawing tools. Once they've finished modifying the image it's entered into Yahoo's OMG competition and is uploaded into a Yahoo OMG Facebook album.

The Technology

Yahoo OMG Photobooth is an iframe based Facebook Application. It is tightly integrated into Facebook's Graph API allowing users' to browse and select an image from their Facebook albums and post their modified image back to Facebook.

It was built using PHP and the Zend Framework 1, connected to a MySQL database via Zend_Db. I built the frontend using HTML5 and (S)CSS. There is also a significant amount of communication between the server and the Flash component of which I build the server-side elements.

Singderella Screenshot
Singderella Screenshot