Social Network

The Concept

Singderella is a site dedicated to celebrating vocal talent and musical enthusiasm in all its forms. As a social network, it allows new and upcoming singers and songwriters to showcase their talents to the world. When users post a video on Singderella, they're exclusively connecting with an appreciative audience who are ready to be knocked out by what they can do.

The Technology

Working from existing prototype, I rewrote Singderella from the ground up using PHP and the Zend Framework to create the stable, high performance and scalable platform it is today. The platform makes heavy use of Amazon Web Services (AWS), using the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and the Relational Database Service (RDS) for its main hosting. To increase stability further, I used Amazon's CloudFront Content Distribution Network (CDN) and Simple Storage Service (S3) for the distribution of videos and other static assets.

The site also uses a number of 3rd party APIs – including Facebook Connect, SendGrid, plus some dedicated to video encoding.

Singderella Screenshot
Singderella Screenshot