The FA - Respect F.C.

Wordpress Site

The Concept

Respect F.C. is a campaign run by the Football Association aimed at tacking the anti-social side of football. The website's "goals" (groan) are to raise general awareness of the issue, generate community interaction and to gather as many "supports" as possible. For each user who shows their support by either signing up to their newsletter, Liking them on Facebook or following them on Twitter, the FA will donate £1 to a fund aimed at promoting the Respect F.C. message.

The Technology

The site is built using Wordpress 3 as the CMS, backed by a MySQL database. I wrote a number of bespoke PHP plugins and widgets for the site, including ones to interact with both the Facebook and Twitter APIs. A number of pre-existing Wordpress plugins were also used including WP-Polls, Post Type Manager and qTwit.

The FA - Respect F.C. Screenshot