La Festa di Sacla

Facebook Application

The Concept

A Facebook application that allows a user to invite four of their Facebook friends to a dinner party. Along with the invite, the user picks one of five Sacla' recipes to serve to each guest. Once created, the invitation is posted out on Facebook along with a dinner table image that includes the tagged profile image of each guest.

The Technology

La Festa di Sacla' is an iframe based Facebook Application. It is tightly integrated into Facebook's Graph API in order to import users' friends, post images to a user's album (along with the relevant friends tagged) and invite other friends to use the app.

It was built using PHP and the Zend Framework 1, connected to a MySQL database via Zend_Db. I built the frontend using HTML5 and (S)CSS; plus I made extensive use of jQuery allowing users to build their invitation without the page reloading.

La Festa di Sacla Screenshot