Facebook Application

The Concept

A startup that has created a white label platform which allows universities from around the country to promote their graduates to small and medium sized companies. By allowing upcoming and recent graduates to build what is in essence an online portfolio/CV under the university's brand, they are able to showcase themselves to potential employers as alumni of their university.

The Technology

I acted as the sole developer on Graduly doing both the front and backend development, along with the system administration. The backend of the site is built using PHP, the Zend Framework 2 and MongoDB. The site integrates into Facebook with Facebook Connect, allowing users to import a profile image; and also with the Twitter API, allowing them to import their latest tweets. For outgoing email, the system integrates with SendGrid for transactional emails and MailChimp for bulk emails. The frontend is built using HTML5 and SCSS, with special attention being paid to using SVG graphics across the site to ensure a sharp, crisp finish on all devices. All this is hosted on a small cluster of Linux virtual machines running Ubuntu on Rackspace Cloud Servers.

Graduly Screenshot
Graduly Screenshot