E-commerce Site

The Concept

fotoLibra was the world's first online open access picture library, allowing amateur and semi-professional photographers access to the world of stock photography. Started in 2005 fotoLibra has gone on to attract over 20,000 photographers from all over the globe, and now has a collection of over 755,780 images for sale.

The Technology

I was the sole in-house IT support for fotoLibra and performed all development, system architecture and system administration tasks as well as managing freelancers. My main task at fotoLibra was to rebuild the website using PHP, MySQL and a bespoke MVC framework combined with the Smarty templating engine. The primary aims were security, scalability and performance. The site encompasses a number of subsections including e-commerce, digital asset management, search and back office features. I integrated fotoLibra with a payment gateway via an API and created an automated invoice generation tool using PHP for the back office systems.

fotoLibra Screenshot
fotoLibra Screenshot